treatment and hair transplantation


Is the transplant technique that does not need a suture, since the follicular units are individually taken through a micro circular incision. The recovery of the patient is in 1 week.

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Is the transplant of the follicular unit, that is ideal for extensive baldness. The UFs are collected through a linear incision of the donating area, followed by a Trycho-Closure that does not leave apparent marks.

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Realized with the FUE technique consists of taking the hairs individually, from the region below the chin, choosing the best strands to restore the existent failures

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With doubts about what is the best what for the case: Hair Transplant or Clinical Treatment? We can help you to find the most adequate solution.

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World reference of Hair Transplant, is a member of the directorship of the ISHRS, already presided 2 international congresses and is the indicated by the website, being until today the only clinic in the Latin America integrating him.

The Tykocinski Restauração Capilar is one of the main and more influent centers of Hair Transplant and Clinical Treatment in the world

Tykocinski Capilar

Dr. Tykocinski is one of the leading specialists in hair transplantation in the world.
One of the pioneers in the use of robotic technology and hybrid systems for Hair Transplantation, published in 2016 one of the most emblematic studies on the FUE technique making it even more precise.

How is hair transplantation done?

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